Security Consultancy Service

NSS security consultancy service aims to improve operational efficiency and affordability that mitigates risk at best. Recommendations are provided with regards to inter alia CCTV surveillance and supporting protocols. We also source and provide security hardware for various security applications such as access control, time and attendance, home defense systems to name but a few.

A detailed security risk assessment forms the basis of the consultancy to be able to meet the abovementioned aims.

Security Risk Assessment

At Naspoti Security Solutions we assure the safety and security of your people, property and customers through the customised integration of technology and professional personnel, delivering guaranteed value and peace of mind. Our security risk assessment is pivoted on five key elements that are applied to create a master security plan:

1. Site Assessment:
Naspoti Security Solutions will conduct an in-depth survey of your facility, according to “Best Security Practices”. Including an analysis of demographics and incidents that have an impact on your facility.

2. Policy & Procedure Review:
We’ll compare your current security policies & procedures to the site assessment, and suggest & implement improved security procedures.

3. Electronic Security Systems:
Existing electronic security systems will be evaluated and measured against needs and requirements. By integrating various systems the integrity of your security measurements could result in lowering of operating costs and improvement in effectiveness.

4. Intelligence:
We conduct a thorough assessment of your crime intelligence gathering capacity to combat crime pro-actively and effectively.

5. Project Management Method & Approach:
A project management team is assigned to compile a detailed project management plan including measurable, clearly defined goals and objectives, transition activities and supporting financial plan.