Naspoti Integrated Ai Services

Naspoti Security Solutions (PTY) Ltd renders integrated Ai security services. These elite services are based on software, networks & monitoring technology and implement Artificial Intelligent platforms with ANPR, Facial recognition, analytic platforms among other tailor made security solutions.

Furthermore, the equipment supports Artificial Intelligence software and is of the best quality in the world with established warranty and support structures in place.

Naspoti Security Solutions (PTY) Ltd have 3 main focus areas that is driven by Artificial Intelligence monitoring platforms against any given crime:

  • Prevention: Our Ai technology approach provides a deterrent to the criminal element that changes his/her decisions to commit an offence. Video Example preventing criminals from entering fenced areas by use of Ai analytics and VOiP SIP protocols at Estates and pro-actively responding to the exact attempted penetration area.
  • Pro – Active actions: Our Ai technology linked with our highly advanced Ai monitoring platform provides immediate live feed to ensure pro-active communications to prevent/apprehend the perpetrators committing the crime. Video example demonstrates immediate notification and action on planned diesel theft.
  • Continuous planning and mitigation: Our Ai technology provides clients with essential and continuous up-to-date crime intelligence data to assist business owners and responsible managers with pro-active crime detection and –prevention information to most accurately apply allocated budgets and resources most effectively. This also provides for accurate and cost efficient future financial planning iro security needs and requirements to be catered for to create a most safe and secure environment conducive for profitable business. Video example demonstrates facial recognition images captured at shopping centres /parking areas that can lead to further crime prevention /data capture.

Surveillance Control Rooms & Operators

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you installed a CCTV surveillance system?
  • Was the System supposed to be the solution to all your Risk?
  • Was it installed for a specific task?
  • Do you believe that you could benefit more from the system?
  • Is the system mainly used post incident or as a reactive tool?
  • Is it primarily used as a security tool?
  • Since the system was installed is it mainly accessed only after an incident has occurred?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above then one needs to ask the following:

  • Has the system met with expectations?
  • Is the system being used to its full potential?
  • Has it significantly reduced your exposure to risk?
  • Is the system being utilized as a proactive Security tool?
  • Is the system used for audit process on day to day operations?

If the Answer is “No” then you could require our services to advance the effectiveness of your Surveillance System so that it exceeds your expectations.

Surveillance operator’s characteristics are measured to include:

  • Review and search skills
  • Sustained concentration and information processing
  • Allocation of attention and recognition of behaviour
  • Attention to detail and perceptual speed

These characteristics result in:

  • Direct financial savings as enhanced incident detection reduces costs of loss.
  • Increased detection rates also discourage the re-occurrence of incidents.
  • Lower recruitment costs as improved job-fit leads to reduced staff turnover.
  • Enhanced productivity and utilization of manpower within the shift period.
  • Retention of personnel ensures the retention of training inputs.

Napsoti Security surveillance services are tailored to each client’s specific requirements. The operator’s duties are complimented with back up investigators (the core function of our business) which are regularly carried out in order for the client to benefit from the full potential of the surveillance system. These services give our clients peace of mind and relieves your staff from the burden of viewing of the surveillance system, which is a monotonous task and which should be conducted by trained individuals, so that your staff can concentrate on their core functions.

Our services include:

  • The supply of control room and surveillance operators
  • Off-site monitoring control room
  • CCTV reviews
  • Opening and closings
  • Random monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Audits

Naspoti Security Solutions

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